9 Activities You Must Take Part In For A Monte Carlo Vacay You’ll Never Regret

4. Port De La Condamine

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The incredible view of Port de la Condamine easily catches the attention of everyone and you too experience the same. Constructed in the year 1926 by aiming to house a large number of luxurious yachts, it is considered to be the most ravishing tourist destination in the region that has been witnessing huge gatherings. Tourists from different parts of the globe keep flocking here. While visiting here, you can also check out restaurant or café to enjoy some delicious snacks, etc. from the local cuisines.

Location: Monaco
Ideal for: Families, Couples, Groups, etc.
Entry/Closing Time: N/A
Fees: N/A

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5. Jardin Exotique

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It’s paradise for those looking for the fun things to do in Monte Carlo. Visiting Jardin Exotique lets you explore the exquisite gardens containing greatest cactus collections and of course world’s largest succulent as well. Staying here with the families and friends etc. enables the visitors to enjoy a peaceful and calm environment in front of the ocean and to soak into nature’s incredible beauty.

Location: Cliffside in Monaco
Ideal for: Families, Couples, Groups, etc.
Entry/Closing Time: N/A
Fees: INR 570/- for adults & INR 300/- for children.

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6. Sainte-Devote Chapel

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One more exquisite place to visit on the course of your journey to Monte Carlo, Sainte-Devote Chapel is a major spot for the tourists. This exotic location of the Sainte-Devote Chapel located in the valley of Gaumates captivates visitors’ attention the most and lets them enjoy the calm and peaceful environment here. If you are here on 26 January, you will excite to enjoy a traditional ceremony that is held here based on its history. In that ceremony, a boat is burnt at the nightfall. It will definitely make you excited.

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